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Fire & Smoke Damage


  • Cover any holes in the roof, lock all doors and windows, and block any other openings.
  • Try to salvage property by thoroughly cleaning smoke or water-damaged items.
  • Clean and protect chrome trim on kitchen appliances with a light coating of vaseline or other oil.
  • Blow off or brush-vacuum loose smoke particles from upholstery, drapes and carpets.
  • Open windows for ventilation.
  • Change the filter before turning on the furnace, blower or air conditioning.
  • Until the furnace and air ducts can be cleaned, place double layers of cheesecloth over all air registers to reduce the spread of soot.
  • Empty freezer and refrigerator completely if electricity is off, and prop doors open with a rolled towel or newspaper for ventilation.
  • Clean and protect smoked bathroom faucets, tub fittings and towel bars with light coating of oil or petroleum jelly.
  • Pour antifreeze in toilet bowels, sinks and tubs to prevent freezing if heat is off in winter.
  • Wash plants with water on both sides of leaves (water softener helps).
  • Call plumber to drain heating system if heat is off in winter.
  • Remove pets (especially birds) to clean environments.
  • Treat smoke damaged garments with care.  Improper cleaning may fail to remove smoke odor, or worse, permanently set it into the fabric.

Do Not...

  • Turn the water hearter back on, have a plumber do so.  Attempting to turn it on without refilling could cause permanent damage.
  • Wipe or attempt to wash walls, ceilings or other absorbent surfaces.  Hire a professional who will use the proper chemicals for best results.
  • Use exposed food items or canned goods which have been subjected to excessive heat.
  • Use TVs, stereos or electrical appliances until cleaned and checked.
  • Send smoked garments to an ordinary dry cleaner. Improper cleaning may set smoke and odor.
  • Restore gas and electric utilities, have a professional handle this.


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